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Just watched the Zoroark movie and really loved it :D It's been a while since a Pokémon movie had me that close to tears, but Zoroark and Zorua are simply adorable and whenever they thought they were almost together just for Koudai(sp?) or his Goon to pull a dick move on them, tore my heart to pieces ;o; Momma Zoroark just wanted her baby baaaack. The ending definitely was tugging on the heartstrings too, but everything was okay in the end and I loved how they dealt with Koudai at the end :D Everyone standing there just going ">:|" at him XD
Also adorable Celebi and SHINY BEASTS YEAH! :D

Okay, now I've seen the movie, time to clean!! Which is all I did at work today by the way :|
Tags: christmas eve, pokémon movie
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