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Gah, I feel so run down and tired @_@ Just today and tomorrow to work, then 5 days off THANK GOD.
Urgh, I promised dad I'd clean off the top of the stairs today, but not surprising, I fell back to sleep after my alarm went off and didn't get up until almost 11am.

Still can't find a download of the Zoroark movie. May have to settle for watching it on Youtube, that's IF there's anymore uploads left there by tomorrow night. Really didn't want to have to watch it on Youtube but guess it can't be helped .__.

Also I'm wondering if my Daikenki plush got lost in the mail or something. The Pokédolls I ordered, which were shipped off a week and a bit after the Daikenki plush, got here first @_@ Oh well, guess I'll continue waiting and see if it turns up. Chances are it's in a pile of packages somewhere in a Royal Mail depot with the words "To-Do" on it.
But yay for Pokédolls <3 They're so adorable!

Need to sort out the spare room and my room, figure out what collections are going back in here (Probably Togepi and Mijumaru line collections) It's a bit annoying at the moment because my huge old computer chair is in the spare room, which I don't need anymore (The padding is ripped and it was leaving sponge all over the place) My dad told me to put it in there and I keep telling him I don't want it in there forever and he keeps promising he'll get rid of it.
Ha. Ha. Ha.
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