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Oh how I wish I could feel positive about Christmas this year, but I'm really just not excited or happy about it at all. It's hard to be when all I have to look forward to is endless shifts at work and even Christmas Day I'm not 100% looking forward to, I managed to somewhat convince my dad to actually join in with Christmas dinner this year but I'm pretty sure he's only doing it because I was trying to convince him/begging him to. He doesn't want to otherwise. Worst thing is I feel like I'm becoming like my dad because this year I've felt quite a few times like I just want to give up on it and do crap all.
I think I've just got myself into a rut, this past few weeks I've barely felt like bothering with anything, not drawing or housework or DA to an extent, not the photos I took during the snow, not the blogs I'm supposed to do for Tony's website, just nothing. All I feel like doing is sleeping all the time. This intense cold isn't really helping with any of this. Way to damn cold at the moment.

Also at the moment I seem to have a very sore gum around where one of my wisdom teeth is. Wonderful.

So yeah, had the talk with the checkout manager earlier this week and tried to explain things the best I could. She asked if there was any other departments I wanted to work on, but to be honest I have no idea. Most of the areas of the store just seem so... blah. She suggested the counters, but I really don't like the idea of those really (That's like the deli, fish, hot food ect.), actually re-stocking really should be out of the question because I don't think I'd be able to go as fast as they'd want me to. I mentioned maybe clothing... but I dunno about that either... I feel like every area of the store will just have people expecting miracles out of me, when I just like to work on one thing at once and at my own pace. I get things done, just not as fast as other people :/ She said she's gonna talk to the head PR person or whatever she is, to see what she can suggest, for now she's said that they won't put me on the basket till at all.
But I've still got another 5 days of work before Christmas, three of which are long 8 hour shifts that are late nights. Dreading next week very much.

A few things I am looking forward to are meeting up with Tony and Co on the 28th and also my tradition of watching the newest Pokémon movie on Christmas Eve (I've done that ever since Movie 8) just need to actually find a torrent or direct download of the movie.

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