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Oh boy, do I feel headachey and tired.
I spent from about 11:30am yesterday, until PAST 2am this morning cleaning and re-arranging my room, I like the new arrangement now. Desk is where my bed used to be and my bed is where my desk used to be :D It's given me a lot of space to work with which is what I wanted! But yeah, I was exhausted by the end of it and I took a shower then passed out to sleep, too tired to even get up and set my alarm.
I had to get up early rather than sleep in though, because the charity shop christmas dinner was today XD It was awesome :)

I tried to tackle the mold around my window today, but some of it is really stubborn :| Urgh, this house is terrible for mold.

Checkout manager has set some time aside tomorrow to talk to me about my anxiety ect. Though it's not been bothering me AS much lately, I always find it harder to talk about it when it's not been bothering me so much, because then it feels like I'm making a big fuss over nothing. But I know I can be like this, then next week I could be panicking loads again. Ah well.

I think I'm gonna go get a proper night's sleep now XD

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