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I'm waiting for quite a lot in the post/to be shipped off at the moment XD Collection wise I have a Jakks Togekiss on the way as well as a Daikenki plush and a Mijumaru MC+ figure, also just ordered the new Pokédolls (Kibago, Munna and Chiraami). I also bought my dad's Christmas present online last night, well, I kinda got him one thing already and forgot I was getting him this other too, haha, so he's getting both, whether he likes it or not (He originally told me not even to bother)

Still need to get some other presents, but gonna get them tomorrow after work.

Oh, I also ordered a DVD from Amazon which should hopefully be shipped off soon. I saw a link to an opening to an anime called "Eden of the East", so watched it out of curiosity since it mentioned something about Oasis and I was all "Oasis did an anime opening??" XD The opening made me seek out the show to see what it was about (FUNimation's Youtube channel didn't have it blocked for me yaaaay) and watched the first 4 episodes.
Completely hooked.
I decided not to watch anymore, but to order the DVD and maybe watch it all over Christmas.

Talking of DVDs, does anyone know how to make it so my DVD Drive isn't region protected? I only have one more region change before it changes for good and since I have a good amount of both region 1 and region 2 DVDs, I'd like to be able to keep changing depending on what I want to watch. I know it's possible, but I'm not sure how to or what's trustworthy ect.
I have a region free DVD player, but I'd still like the option for my DVD drive on my computer too, since I like taking screenshots and things XD

Also heard the news about the potential 4th Yu-Gi-Oh Series! Partly dissapointed that the extra 10 minutes added onto the movie isn't to actually add to the damn movie, but excited to see what the new series will be :)

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