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Togepi complains again....

I had a crappy day at work today....now ever since they announced I was moving onto the checkouts come August 18th the booze aisle just gets more and more irritating to me, eveytime I'm there I find a new reason to why i won't miss that damn section. Today I found out I won't miss:
Getting stabbed by mini slithers of glass
Broken beer bottles and/or leaking beer cans
The management being an ass (*Okay so I probably won't escape that completly BUT they won't be an ass to me as much when I'm on the checkouts, no more: Do this, do that, do the other, when I already have a ton of things to do...*)

Also today I felt so tired and I just ached from the shoulders upwards and by the end of the day the tiredness just made it hard to comunicate with people, my brain just went dead O_o; Funny thing is, I don't feel as tired now, it's just when I'm there, must be allergic to wine XD
And I don't think there's a single person left in that place who doesn't know I'm moving onto the checkouts, I'm suprised at the amount of people who've heard and they come up to me and ask me "Oh I heard you're moving onto the checkouts"
And I did some bitching about marie a bit today aswell, a lot of people seem to think it was my choice to go on there, when it kinda was but it was marie who thought it was for the best, I just agreed to it XD
Hummm, that's another thing I won't miss....Marie!! XD

Oh well, I have three days off now before I go back on Friday :p

Ooooh! I have FMA episode 42 subbed, just need 41 now and I'll be able to understand what they're saying! Apparnetly this new group that subbed them aren't too bad.... unlike the fork incident last week O_o;
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