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So this past week has been pretty disorientating with all this snow. It was pretty cool at first, I went out and took photos and it was astounding to see people walk on the roads and there be barely any cars on even what would be the busiest of roads.
But the snow itself is melting only ever so slightly and the paths and roads which haven't been cleared are just solid ice. I walked to work yesterday and walked into town today and I was terrified of slipping and hurting myself. Luckily it's getting warmer at the weekend (Thank goodness, I'm sat here typing this and it's so cold ;o; Doesn't help that even with the heating on my bedroom still remains cold ;/) so I'm hoping that's gonna melt a lot of this crap away.

Though the next time it snows I really need to put "Make a snowman" on the top of my "to-do" list.

Other than snow, I've just been feeling really un-motivated just with like everything lately. All these photos I took last week I've barely gone through, bedroom remains un-cleaned, I'm not even motivated with Christmas this year, though I did buy a few gifts on Saturday but... it's all gonna be simple stuff this year. Also still need to write cards, yay.
This room of mine needs to be cleaned before I even think of getting any decorations up :/ Oh and of course my dad is being morbid and once again wants nothing to do with it, really helps my mood, thanks.

Part of me just wants the hibernate until spring :(
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