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So today has been an interesting day.
We got quite a bit of snow last night, probably not quite as bad as in January, but sure was getting there. I went out to take photos and check on the charity shop to see it was open and got soaked in the process of walking into town, because the boots I bought weren't really made for walking in the snow with, opps.
Charity Shop was open, I was pretty surprised actually, I thought it'd be shut, actually I was kinda partially hoping it WAS shut so I could go home because by then I was cold, wet and feeling like crap, ah well! Wasn't really busy and we decided to shut up early because the snow started getting bad again. Though, while I was there I managed to get a really good pair of wellington boots, so the walk home was less...wet XD

I managed to get through the door at home JUST before the snow got really bad and started getting really heavy and since then we've been having a number of on and off showers of the stuff, but enough to put down another 3 or so inches, maybe more by now? My dad shovelled the path when he got home and it looks like it's pretty much filled the path up again XD Met Office website seems to say we'll be getting some heavy snow showers most of the night @_@

It's gonna be interesting to see exactly how much snow there is in the morning XD

I also missed my Sunyshore parcel today while I was out XD I was planning to get it tomorrow but... really depends on this snow, might leave it until Friday, but I wanna save Oshawott from the grips of the Royal Mail :(

I don't have work tomorrow so I may also try and build a snowman :D

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