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Miju! Miju!

Well look who finally arrived today :)

He was stubborn though and wouldn't talk to my talking Togepi even though he did it earlier XD I did manage to get him to talk to her after another few tries after this video though.

The seller I got this from on eBay is so sweet though! He sent me small paper cranes he and his family made! So sweet ;w;

Only today to work and then I have tomorrow off! Hoping to get this room of mine cleaned tomorrow, though unfortuntly my dad decided to take some very random days off, so I'm gonna have him moaning about my stuff being all over the place I bet >>; I really wanted to do it on a day he wasn't here but I don't want to put if off again.

Unless it magically snows tomorrow, then I'll be taking photos, but I bet this snow will miss where I am as usual ;p
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