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WTF....!? *dies*

First of all WTF????

Okay I think I got that out of my system now....

Holy crap these episode were just O________O;; <------- ***Only way to describe it***

For starters, no Al seeing the truth but hell he gets a much bigger role than being able to do transmutations without circles oh YES he does...
Now Al is....


Togepi will explain by using what she saw and what she's read! Ya see Kimbelee, just before he died (*Yes he's dead, we can all be happy, I hated him he was a complete power hungry jerk, ass...*insert your own word here*) anyway he made Al into a ticking time bomb so it seems Scar, in an effort to save Al....dude I dunno how to explain it but lets say Scar's amazing Arm O Doom comes off and absorbs into Al, giving Al the nifty tatoos, Scar (*With two arms now missing as the other was make into a bomb by Kimbelee*) then gets shot protecting Lust O_O Then after talking to her he wanders off and dies on part of the array he did activating the whole thing making Al glow all red. Afterwards Ed finds Al under some sand and he's all better but one difference, he's all glowy red inside himself now, yes the Philosopher's stone is INSIDE Al O_O;; *dies*

Oh and the new Opening and End completley rock my world X3 *fangirls* I may post piccies of it later, I'm trying to get some now but my computer is decidng it's gonna make it difficult -_-;;

Oh and by the way I think Tyson is having some strange fanboyish moments over Kai, I mean who else dreams of Kai hugging them tenderly besides fangirls? I mean yeah Daichi hugged Tyson too but it was more like a hyper "W00t! W00t! Yeah!" kinda thing....but Kai just takes Tyson in his arms and.....yeah...
...and why did the forest fire sound like they were in the middle of a war? With siriens and planes I mean they're nowhere near civilatation so where the hell was the sirene coming from O____O;

Marie at work just phones up and asked me to come in half an hour earlier....
...I close this entry by giving you all a big....
....WTF!?!?!?!?!?!?!?! O_o;;;;;
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