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Well, I feel the visit to the second doctor went a lot better. She was a lot more understanding and easier to talk to and agreed that the tablets weren't really the answer.
I'm booked into an "I.A.P.T Clinic" for next week, which seems to stand for "Improving/Increasing Access to Psychological Therapies". The doctor told me they'll ask me a load of questions, I guess to get a better understanding of things and where to go from there. This is a big improvement from the first doctor, so hopefully things will start looking up soon.

It's my last week off from work this week before the insanity of Christmas begins and I wanted to make the most of it but currently I have about a grand total of 0 plans for this week. I don't want to be stuck at home doing nothing all week but it's kinda looking that way at the moment. Guess we'll see.
I kinda want to see a film this week, depends if I pluck up enough courage to go. Owl movie is apparently out on Friday :> I really want to see that, it looks so pretty.
It's probably bad that I'm not even sure what was the last thing I even saw at the cinema was! (I ultimately failed with Toy Story 3 which I also wanted to see). I'll see how I feel on Friday I guess!
Not sure if I'm digging this whole 3D thing for movies though, I don't feel I really need to wear silly glasses and have things jumping out the screen to enjoy a movie :x But this shows kinda how long it's been since I've been to the cinema, there was none of this hype with 3D stuff the last time I remember going. I'm so out of touch with things.

I also need to finish moving things into the collection room and give my bedroom the best cleanup ever this week. Also hoping to move my desk a little so it's not sat so much in a dark corner.

Also trying Masuda Method again, using a Sealeo I caught in Pearl and a Japanese Ditto. I want a purple seal ball! Though this time I'm just grabbing eggs and boxing them, then will hatch them en mass, then start the process again if I don't get a shiny, which I probably won't but hey I've always wanted to hatch a shiny so might as well give this another go!
I think my old DS has seen better days though. The bottom touch screen has quite a few flickering lines on it now, which seems to increase as I play a game. It got quite fuzzy last night before I went to sleep O_O Not sure what's causing it, but the touch screen seems to work fine otherwise, so I'm not too concerned. I still have my Lite if this one decides to die on me.
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