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Seeing a Spider first thing in the morning when I go to switch my alarm off isn't very nice, it was stood at the edge of the Mew Poster I have by my bed and ran under it when I saw it >_< So yep I had to get my dad up to squish it and he wasn't pleased...
...but I hate those damn creepy things *cries* Guess it doesn't help that my bedroom is near both the airing cupboard and the bathroom... both great places for spiders...

Guess it doesn't help that my bedroom is a total mess but:
1. I haven't had the time to clean it up these past few weeks and
2. I have so much stuff I don't know where to put it...now if a certain DAD of mine would just get done what he wants doing in that room I could simply move some stuff into there but noooooo, how come I have a feeling I won't be seeing that room done this side of Christmas -_-;;

Good, FMA episode 42 is downloading a bit faster, hopefully I'll be able to watch both episodes before work...gathering most people's reactions they're damn good episodes and for the first time ever, I stayed clear of spoilers X3 YAY ME!

Damn I'm thirsty.... *walks off to get a drink*
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