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Emotionally, I just feel like crap at the moment.
Apparently the library actually has a job going. Bad thing is that it's temporary until the end of March, so I have no idea if that's for sure or whether there's a chance they'd keep you on or whatever. My bet is probably not since there's been lots of talk of councils cutting jobs and crap.
I have no idea what to do. My current job is one of the most stable jobs you can have in this current day and age, but I hate it so much. I've started dreading going there everyday, I don't want to be there or be around so many people and so much negativity anymore. A library, yeah I'd still be dealing with people, but probably not as many at one time. Plus it's more of a community job, it's a place where people go to read and learn. But it's an unstable job to have right now. I don't want to be out of a job come April and not find any other jobs, or just get stuck straight back into the type of job I was originally trying to escape from anyway.

And my dad isn't making any of this better, even though he's probably trying to help. But everything that he says comes off as him lecturing me on stuff I already know and feel terrible about.

Urgh, just gonna stop there before I start crying or something. I've been sorting out a bunch of LJ icons and such that I've made and have all over my computer into one folder, so gonna go back to that. Then I'll watch the new 5D's episode... even though I still haven't watched the episodes with Team 5D's VS Team Ragnarok yet :|
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