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Y'know, it really is unsettling that whenever I mention to anyone which doctor I have, no one ever has a good word to say about her :x
Today at the charity shop, the manageress asked me how work was going and I told her pretty much how I really just didn't want to be there when I went back on Sunday. She then brought up how one of the ladies who also volunteers there has problems with being nervous and that she has a really good GP. So she phoned the lady to ask which GP it was and once she heard which one I had, she said "Oh god no."
Seems like no one I speak to actually likes this doctor of mine :/

I was given the name of the GP the lady has anyway and on Thursday I may take a walk into town to try and make an appointment, though I hear getting one with this GP is hard (Probably because they don't suck?) but... we'll see. Second opinion time, I guess! How fun...

Well, in good news, Pokémon White shipped off on Monday! I can't wait to get it :D
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