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So I went back to the doctor today, told her the medication was working and asked her/described to her my problems with my self-confidence and feeling really frustrated over it, but she pretty much just told me to push myself more. I didn't ask about seeing a councillor or something, but I think even if I had the outcome would of been the same. I don't think she would of recommended anything.
Eh, I really need to sort myself out, start going to sleep earlier, get up earlier, maybe go for walks if it's nice at least around where I live and I'm working on getting back into drawing a bit more and photography... comes if and when I'm able to take my camera somewhere I guess.
Hell knows what I'm gonna do with work and figuring out what jobs I WOULD be good at and don't worry endlessly in.

Oh well, guess I just need to suck it up for now and just get on with things. I think right now I'm just too tired and hungry to care about anything.

In other non-important news, I drew a very cute Mijumaru while waiting at the doctors today, complete with a sketchy background, might colour that for my challenge that I started on dA (Which was to see how many Pokémon I draw before the English release of B/W) though I might just turn it into a challenge to just draw every Pokémon. Especially since I caved and bought White in Japanese anyway!

I should have new plushies tomorrow too :) Mijumaru and Pokabu!

Oh and!

Pokémons drawn so far!! I think I'll add a page to my website for this challenge and call it the DrawDex :D;
On the list to do: Mijumaru, Dragonite (Because I still owe someone a Dragonite pic on Pokéarts... or a Vulpix!) and Yorterrie.
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