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I've been waaay too hyped up about Black and White and decided I wanted to play the game now rather than waiting for the English release, I guess just to mess about and go through the game in my own time, while following guides and walkthroughs :D; So I just ordered Pokémon White from CDJapan (Black I will get when it comes out in English!)
It might be a while before I get it, as CDJapan has a notice up saying shipment is estimated in 3-7 days, plus I went for airmail so that's another 4-7ish days XD I would of gone for EMS, but since I've been working so much lately, I'm worried I won't be in when it comes. At least with airmail it should go through Royal Mail and be delivered with my regular post and even if I do miss it, the Royal Mail depot is only in town. Parcelforce depot is in Rotherham XD

Looking forward to this game so much!! ;w; I guess it gives me something to look forward to!

Something to NOT look forward to is the doctor tomorrow and going back to work on Sunday :( I do have another week off in three or four weeks time after that though so that's good! It's my last week off before Christmas though! D:
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