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Urgh, I am not happy.
Dad thinks two and a half hours is enough time to go around the Butterfly House but I think we'll just be rushed, I mean we're not just going to look around, I'm going there to take photos too! I would of preferred going earlier so we didn't have too much of a TIME LIMIT on the time we spend there so we could wonder around more leisurely. I hate being on a time limit or being rushed about so much, it's such a pet hate of mine and I know for a fact we won't leave at the time he said we're going to leave.
Goddamnit, this place isn't far away, there is a bus that goes to and STOPS and the VERY STREET THIS PLACE IS ON, so why am I so scared to go on my own so I don't have to depend on people like this and do things in my own time rather than someone elses!?

It's forecast rain for this afternoon too... nice and sunny this morning and now it's clouding over.

Damn it all.

EDIT: Okay he said we'll go Saturday instead because he can tell I'm not really up for this today... maybe it's because I'm tired or something and that's why I'm upset, but I really wasn't digging going today and spending such a short amount of time there.
He says we'll go earlier on Saturday.

Can't help but feel I'm being a damn burden though...
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