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Urgh, so when I got up earlier, I went to take some clothes downstairs and felt myself tred on something on the top of the stairs. When I came back up I looked for what I trod on and there is this HUGE (But thankfully dead) spider there and I mean HUGE, the type with very long thin legs, also a very ugly looking thing.
To be honest I saw something dark on the carpet last night, but didn't think to check what it was.
Though chances are it was already dead when I trod on it... it's kind on it's back. My dad dragged out a few things from the cupboard at the top of the stairs yesterday, so I think it was already dead and was dragged out with that stuff.

The bad thing is I'm just as scared of DEAD spiders as I am of alive ones. I got the hoover to hoover this damn thing up, but couldn't bring myself to do it XD; So instead I just put a glass dish over it, so I don't tred on it again, and will wait until dad gets home...which isn't that great either, because he gets annoyed with me and how scared I am of these things :(

Oh well...

Might as well post my wild Celebi too! It needs to be fed Cheri berries so I can cure it from being paralyzed!
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