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Posted this on my twitter last night: http://a.yfrog.com/img704/3199/roomprogress.jpg How the spare room looks at the moment :)

Anyways, yesterday when I was walking into town, I was waiting to cross a small road and since there was traffic on the busier road going past it, I decided to wait until they passed. That's when I noticed a car coming down the road that seemed to be revving up as it was going along, instantly telling me there were idiot kids behind the wheel. So I waited to see if they'd pass, but then they indicated to go down the road I was waiting on... fair enough.
Except that they drove right at me.
Not at a worrying speed or anything, but it was obvious they aimed at me on purpose to try and scare me. Then they pulled around a bit and the idiot chav in the passenger seat was all "Hello love~" or something like that, in that typical sarcastic chav way. It was then I just turned away from them and just ignored them.
It took them ages to turn fully around and pull back out onto the road they were originally on. Then they pulled up by the college to talk to a bunch of people outside ¬¬;
Why do I have to live in the same universe as these kinds of idiots.

Also adoptables! YAY!

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