PDUTogepi (pdutogepi) wrote,

Pokémon MP3s for all....

Ya know, it was only last night I said to Eevee
"PokeLord should really fix their MP3s" and low and behold today, they
have actually FIXED some of the links to the MP3s O_O How spooky is that...

...well they've kinda fixed some...I just downloaded one and it only downloaded
a tiny bit of the song O_o;; Had it already anyway :p But still tis rather
spooky! :p

Ah well that's probably the only good thing that's happened today...getting
called into work early was not good at all >_< I spent almost TWO hours on
the tills, some old woman got snotty with me:

"If your supposed to be filling the shelves you need more of your demi -
sec Champagne"

Erm...sounded worse than that if you were there... at first I thought she was
just having a laugh with me cos she noticed the shelves were like REALLY
empty...but she turned away with a very big scowl on her face. Some people
>_<  And when I was on a break, this girl started talking to me in
the canteen which I don't mind except she talked a LOT and kept suggesting I go
out with her and her sister one Thursday cos they always go out every other
Thursday apparently...I was like "maybe"...translated that means
"Hell No!!!"

And I felt so tired...there's something about that place that just makes me so
sleepy and lacking energy -_-;; Blah... I could SO not wait to get out of the
damn place...

...and I have to go back tomorrow at 10am...

...then be there at 2pm the day after...

...they're not getting anymore overtime from ME this week O_o;; I got too much
stuff at home to do...

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