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TIS MY ART SITE! Yippppiiiieeeee! *dances*


Lookie! Lookie! Tis my ART SITE! I decided to upload it all today whether I had a name for the site or not XD
I just need for you guys to tell me how it loads up for you? Slow? Fast? I was a bit worried for users with slow internet as it's got a lot of pictures and stuff on it :p
Also any ideas on what to call the site? XD I haven't a clue myself... maybe give me some words that describe my art which I can play with *lol*

When I have the time I might play with that side bar anyway, I wanted to split up sections into all kinds of different animes, I was going to have a FMA, naruto AND Beyblade section for arts (*Currently I have them under "Other art"*) but I felt the site would of taken way too long to load for slow net users... so I'm gonna see what I can do with it to maybe get the time down and be able to add those sections... maybe change the writing....

Anyway tell me what you think so far ^^

Right now that's uploaded I can start colouring a picture of Yugi and Ed I drew (*Oh and kuriboh too, Ed and Kuriboh aren't getting along very well in the picture XD*) It's a cute picture despite the mistakes on it (*One of Yugi's eyes seems smaller than the other and Ed's legs seems way long and I'm not entierlly sure why... O_o;
Need to finish PDU's Splash picture too *sighs* So much art to do XD *lol* Don't know where to turn next :p

EDIT: *Kills Adobe Photoshop Elements* DIE! DIE! Stupid programme, it keeps resetting my computer *cries* me thinks it's possibly time to clean out some stuff on my computer...like say all those MP3s *coughs* hummm, yeah XD;;
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