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I haven't really made an update since coming back from AmeCon, have I? Photos are on my Flickr account as well as my dA account.

So let's see. What else.
Well after a pretty bad month with my panic/anxiety/nervousness/whatever attacks this last month, I've finally decided to be brave enough to make an appointment to see my doctor so I can get at least a professional opinion on it (As well as the heart palpitations/flutters I get :|) Alas my Doctor is apparently "away" at the moment, so I couldn't get an appointment until the 10th September, so good thing it's something that's not urgent XD (I swear she's always away when we make appointments @_@)
But yeah, it's gotten to the point at work now where I don't feel comfortable there anymore and having to go on the basket till, which seems to be where most of the things that set me off panicking tend to happen, just makes me want to cry. I mean seriously.
I've also been getting panic attacks at night occasionally as well which makes getting to sleep difficult. There's been a few times now where it'll be so bad I honestly feel like I'm dying X_X

In better news though, I recently bought a new (And rather expensive) camera for myself. It's a Digital SLR, Canon EOS 500D to be exact. I had both Nikon and Canon recommended to me but in the end I fell in love with the sound of the camera I got. It has HD video recording too, which means not only am I getting a camera, but also something I can make better looking videos with. Sure it won't be as good as having an actual video camera, but it's good enough for me who only does short videos.
It should be arriving tomorrow so I'm looking forward to playing around with that XD
I'm also trying to convince my dad to take me out to a few local places so I can practise taking some photos with it, namely the Sherwood Forest Visitors Centre and also The Butterfly House in North Anston. It'll give me a good chance to work with both landscape and animal photographs.

The Butterfly House certainly looks and sounds 10x better than I remember it when I went as a kid. Seems like they have tons more animals there now. They have like meerkats and goats and pigs and rabbits and plenty of birds! 'v' So I'm really really hoping I can convince my dad to take me! Granted I could go on my own. Apparently there are buses I can catch which go up there... but I'm not to good with buses XD; Plus it's more fun to at least go with someone!

That's pretty much what's been going on lately anyway. Hopefully these are all good steps in the right direction and that things will look up soon :)
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