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Well I had a better day today :) I got my 13th Pokémon movie soundtrack in the mail and while at the charity shop today I found the perfect dress for my Shaymin Gijinka cosplay for the London Expo next May. Alas, I asked if I could skip going into the shop on Tuesday due to having too much to do for Amecon, but she's still pretty short staffed, so I'll just have to make sure to do everything in these next few days.

I did at least manage to go through some stuff I plan to take to the bring and buy. I've filled the forms and put on the labels, so hopefully that's okay. I'm selling stuff super cheap in the hopes they'll get snapped up and I can get rid of them. I'm selling some manga volumes as sets so a cheap price may help those sell to someone who wants to make a good start on them.

Stuff that I still need to do?
Pack and clean my room :D; Room cleaning maybe a job for tomorrow and packing will be done Monday mostly. I also need to make sure to go through my Pokémon games and put together a collection of prizes and trades for the Pokémon tournament.

Oh and also, I got this picture today: (Click for a bigger picture!)
I love rainbows ♥

EDIT: This really is a good day

Just hatched this on GPX+ :D My 4th successful shiny hunt!
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