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Route 1!

route_1 route_1 route_1

Pokémon screenshot journal :D It's a community with closed membership, so only I can post there, but feel free to watch it and use the screenshots I post to your heart's content! I'll be working on season 1 and will go updwards from there! Or at least will try to XD
Hopefully I won't forget about this place like I did with my last screenshot journal, but hopefully just concentrating on Pokémon will help XD I have too many screenshot projects, I need to really focus on one.

Not sure what I'll do if/when I actually get to the Johto Journeys and Johto League Champions episodes, because I don't have them on DVD :( The only place that has had those released in recent times is in Australia I think. I'd love to see those episodes again XD
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