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I felt like making a random Jirachi banner, which turned into me changing my entire journal layout somehow! YAY!

All the new B&W Pokémon and info that's come out is just so awesome ;w; So excited!!
N is especially shaping up to be a pretty interesting character, what with his idea to "free" Pokémon from humans. In a world like the Pokémon world, where catching Pokémon, battling with them and them being a HUGE part of day-to-day life is considered completely normal, it's interesting to have a character with this kind of mind set.
The two childhood friend "rivals" are adorable and they also have pretty interesting personalities it seems. The boy is a reliable character and the girl... not so much. It's nice to have them both start their journeys at the same time as the player character does.

They really seem to be pushing a little with giving people some reasons to get both games and to make each seem a little different, what with one area being different depending on the version and how some other areas apparently have some smaller differences to how they look. Well it's worked with me anyway, I'll be getting both games XD I think I'll probably play Black first though.
They seem to be coming up with a lot of new ways to communicate with other players and such too, that's pretty cool :)

The actual Pokémon, to me, all have pretty interesting designs, it's going to be hard to settle on which ones I want for each team. Flying type wise, for one game I'll have Mamepato and the other Wargle, because they're both completely awesome <3
It's interesting that they've revealed so many psychic types this gen already. I really want the green cell looking Pokémon XD

I think I said the word "interesting" too many times through this! XD I'm not good with words sometimes!
I think that sums up my thoughts though. I don't feel disappointed with ANY of the Pokémon, characters or information, I am so excited for these games, I wish I didn't have to wait to play them! XD
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