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Well, my dad and I went out to look at carpets today and I've settled on having this sort of colour for the carpet:


I think it'll look really nice :)
We haven't got the carpet yet though as my dad needs to get the wood for the new shelves, which he'll be getting tomorrow! He was moaning a little about the plush storage I want putting up though, I think because he doesn't really like putting holes in the walls and the ceiling to hang them up :/ He keeps moaning how it's "not easy" and has to find the right places to drill into and all that crap.

Guess we'll see how it goes :|

I've been working on these recently too: http://smg.photobucket.com/albums/v142/PDUTogepi/pokemon/
I thought how nice it'd be drawing reference wise to have settei, but they're often way too expensive, then remembered how the pan stickers have a lot of different poses for some Pokémon! So I started putting together these collections of pictures from the site, mainly to help either those who want them for drawing references, or maybe references to various pan stickers that exist for each Pokemon... can't guarantee I have them all though... I know I missed a few that had similar poses or backgrounds and such.
It's tiring going through the site though! XD Sinnoh Pokémon are slightly easier to do right now, so I've mostly done them.

Also WAY WAY too warm today X_X
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