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So the spare room is pretty much done... except for the fact that it needs a carpet and some new shelves to replace the old shelves that my brother put holes in (Plus they're dark green and that's a pain to paint over) and unfortunately these things fall back to my dad to do >>;
Urgh, why do I feel that I'll never get in this room.
Anyway, we are going out to hopefully look for a possible carpet and wood to make the shelves tomorrow. I'm hoping to be putting things in that room by August but I think that's wishful thinking. (I also need my dad to put up some plush storage I have too which probably won't go down well, but may look for hooks and things for them)

Saw the first episode of Digimon Xros Wars recently, liking it so far :)

Also I've been wondering to myself for a while now, but more so this past week, if I'd be good, jobwise, working in a nursery or pre-school environment.
I'm unsure, mainly due to the fact that I haven't really had THAT much experience with kids, but I'm mostly just basing it on the fact that I love interacting with kids at work and they honestly brighten up my shift. It makes me feel good to be able to make them smile or have a conversation with them over something so silly and cute.
I'm wondering if working with small children would be a job that would give out a more positive and happy atmosphere to work in. To me, working in a supermarket just gives out so much negativity, because it's full of people who complain or who just generally in bad moods or just don't want to be there. Not Everyone is like that, but a big majority are.

That said, if I were to decide to go down that path, I need qualifications first. Granted I'm thinking about this at the right time as the colleges will be bringing out their new course list in the next month or two. I think what I may have to do is maybe arrange to talk to someone at the college so I get on a course that's right for what I may want to do... and I guess it would be a good way to decide whether I'd like it as a job or not.
Really, I don't have any other idea for what I'd like to do.
Plus I see a lot of spots here and there for nurseries and schools, even if they're just temporary.

Hmm... it's something I really need to buck up my courage to go and look into anyway. It can't be any worse than where I'm working now. The only thing that I'm dreading is having to stay where I am, jobwise, while I study for this @_@
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