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Wow, it feels so warm and humid and blah tonight and writing a lot makes me feel really tired after a while XD

After a discussion about how the Pro-League would actually work in the YGO-verse for R2, I started coming up with some character development ideas for Juudai that I could do sometime in the future (I've been lacking ideas on any development for him for a while) and with that I started writing down other ideas for some other characters I have. (Though all Rally got was a message to myself to stop being lazy and post with him ^^;)
I also REALLY need to go through each character and do a re-write of their information. A lot of it is out of date. Ruka's profile still says she's 11... she's 13 now XD I had this idea in my head that I want to make their info fancy with a drawn picture and everything... how much betting that won't be the case XD
Just had to write this as a reminder and because I get excited and giddy when I start thinking of development ideas XD

I'd do information re-writes now but yeah, writing + humid weather = TIRED XD So I should probably sleep.
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