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Hopefully I'm gonna try and make an effort to watch the Sinnoh League conference episodes, I've been a bit behind in actually WATCHING episodes, but I do try and keep up on what happens usually, but I wanna make sure to watch the last few months worth of episodes before "Best Wishes!" starts... which is both such a silly sounding, yet adorable sounding name for the next series XD

Anyway, I am really happy that Ash is using his other Pokémon in his matches and not Just his Sinnoh team, I was thrilled to see his Cyndaquil evolve in last weeks episode, it's about time some of his older Pokémon got to evolve :) I do hope there are some more evos to come and that Quilava isn't the only one, but even if it is, I'm glad Ash has a Quilava now, it's adorable <3

Heee, there's a mysterious person with a "Darkrai" that seems to be competing in the conference. My guess is, is it's either a Zoroa or a Zoroark and that they'll probably reveal what it really is near the end of the Sinnoh League, once the movie has had a good run and introduced everyone to the evil foxes :D So sometime in late-August most likely.

Looking forward to seeing how far Ash gets in this league.

The spare room is coming along nicely. Hoping we'll get to paint the walls tomorrow :) While my mum does that maybe I'll work on painting the shelves... we'll see!
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