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So, my dad just told me that if I hadn't been working tomorrow, we might of gone to Cleethorpes ... I have to wonder why he even told me this, now I'm sad because I want to go to the beach :( I haven't been to the seaside in a long long time. I suggested "o hay I'm off NEXT Friday :D" to which he replied that he'd taken all the time off that he's intended to take off for the time being, so apparently won't be off next week :/
BUT this has confirmed to me that he hasn't and won't intend starting on the spare room anytime soon, which he said he was gonna do during the days he had off this month.
I've pretty much all but planned with my mum that we're starting it next week anyway, soooo I'm sure my dad will be annoyed at us most of next week, but he's just broke the promise to get started on it one too many times.
So hopefully, by the start of July, I'll have a spare room to store collection stuff in :)

Oh also, since everyone else seems to be doing this:


That's about the closest I could get it to looking like... well... me XD


I just hatched this on GPX+ XD
Ignore what it says about it taking 250 eggs on the info page. This thing took me 660 eggs! 410 and then another 250 while using the Shiny Recorder.
So glad I finally have one ;w;
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