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OH MY GOD new Pokémonz~ Best thing to come home from work to EVER!

I simply love the Chinchilla! So cute and fuzzy <3 I love the fact that the main bird of the series is a Pidgeon too, haaa I was hoping for a Pidgeon one day!
We got a strange psychic piggy bank that EATS DREAMS, Gears, and ELECTRIC ZEBRA (That is so awesome), some kind of... fire...ape...thing and a ground/dark type crocodile! These are all incredibly interesting <3
I like that the Professor of the region is a woman this time too, breaking the norm of having a male professor and Isshu looks like a really interesting place to explore, looking at the map. Very green and lush in most places, but there seems to be a desert or wasteland beyond the city and a icy mountain range to the top left.

So excited for B/W!! X3
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