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Yugioh episode 214 made me cry... ;_;

Yes this episode really did make me cry ;_; I'm a sucker for things like this.

Lets just say it doesn't take much effort for Dark Priest Akuadin to bind the Blue Eyes White Dragon to one of those tablet things. He seems to use the Spell Binding Circle on it, is that what it's called in the card game when your monster is bound by a circle?

That's what it looks like anyway :p I have very little knowlage on the card game XD
After that Akuadin removes his mask and he looks freaky scary ;_; He then has this monster he greated fire some strange dark energy thing at Seto. Kisara runs in front of him and it hits her O_O The Blue Eyes gets sealed and Kisara dies in Priest Seto's arms and that's when my lip starts quivering...
...then Priest Seto attacks Dark Priest Daddy dear and stabs him with his sword....which isn't much use as Akuadin posesses Seto after that O_o;
Atemu arrives, Akuadin possesed Seto summons the Blue Eyes and Atemu summons Mahaado only for him to be defeated in one hit, Akuadin then orders the Blue Eyes to attack again but...the "Inner Seto" mutters "Kis-a-ra..." and the Blue Eyes doesn't attack, instead it attacks Akudain who's inside Seto XD (*Yeah it's hard to explain, ya need visuals for it really*)
Then the Blue Eyes looks over Inner Seto and Kisara's image appears, she says something to him then the Blue Eyes dissapears into pretty blue sparkles *_*

Now Seto is back in control of his own body, he carries Kisara's body to the Tablet the Blue eyes is selaed in and he cries.... which makes me cry...then Kaiba, who watched the whole thing, talks to Atemu....but who cares about that....Kisara is dead and we all should cry ;_; Then after all that Yami Bakura laughs and for the first time ever I felt like hitting him, he shouldn't be LAUGHING he should mourn with the rest of us! *Hits Yami Bakura over the head with a bowl of Ramen* CRY, DAMN YOU! CRY!!!
I actually never realized I liked Kisara's character so much O_O

Also Possesed Tristan eventually reveals himself to be Bakura, but not before knocking the rest of Yugi and co over and fleeing. Although just before he went to push Yugi, it did look like he was going to hug him... that thought amuses me X3

In the next episode Zork appears (*Yeah I kept calling Priest Akuadin Zork but I believe he was only being controlled by him or something....ah who cares Yu-Gi-Oh is confusing!*) and it's little Yugi's duel against Bakura. Now this will be intresting! I love little Yugi so much X3

I'll hopefully post a similar version of this rather short and obscure episode view on the Yugioh community tomorrow with plenty of prettyful screenshots.

Also apparnetly there is going to be a new Yu-Gi-Oh series, called Yu-Gi-Oh Duel Monsters Genex O_O Apparently the main character is named Yuugi Juudai (*Yuugi is his LAST name by the way, not his first*) and it's something to do with a Duelist training school O_o;;
All I gotta say is that it BETTER have a good storyline and the original characters best be in it, but even if they are bet they leave Bakura out ;_;
How much betting the training school belongs to Kaiba, maybe the original characters are teachers XD *dies laughing*
Yeeeeah.... I have mixed feelings about this series... don't see it being about anything else but the card game which might very well suck, at least for people like me who watch Yu-Gi-Oh more for the awesome storyline it has, not the duels...
....but still I'll give it a watch if and when it airs... apparnetly it starts around October 6th.
This was all said to have been announced in Shounen Jump in Japan in a recent issue...hummm, I guess we'll have to wait and see what other info comes out about it...

Okay I need to go to bed now XD Plus my back is really hurting -_-;; Another thing I won't miss once I'm on the checkouts at work...
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