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Well, I went out collecting money for the charity shop today :) I don't think my Pichu costume was all that recognized, except by one group of 10-12 year olds. The rest of the time I was a "Rabbit", "Bumblebee", "Chicken" and a "Clown" (Those were all passing comments I heard XD)
Between the 5 of us we raised £180 though so that was way awesome :)
Though the whole thing started off on a very annoying note. About 10 minutes after we started, an old man approached me, so I said hi to him nicely... then he told me off for shaking my bucket, and really nastily told me that it's apparently "breaking the law". Fair enough, I didn't know and wasn't told beforehand, but did he really have to be so rude about it?? I think it's kinda one of those small, tiny, silly laws that you don't know about until you actually break it and someone tells you, cos I seriously didn't know and neither did the work experience kids I was with :| He was probably one of those kinds of people who just takes an instant dislike younger people. I've had that sort of stuff happen to me before.
At least the rest of the day was okay though, very very hot, but okay.

Now I'm completely free to prepare expo things :) I've printed out the transfers for my Togepi outfit, though I'm STILL looking for long white socks or white tights to cover the parts of my legs that will be showing, but I can't seem to get either anywhere!! I have long white sports socks, but I was looking more for school like socks I guess, something not so thick. I'll take a look in town in a few days. I also need to get round to tidying this damn room, which I will do tomorrow. It needs some serious dusting.

I need to post up a reminder sometime this coming week for the pkmncollectors meet.

Other than packing, I guess that's it XD
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