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So only one week to the London Expo, I'm hoping I'll be finished with my Togepi outfit on time, I should do :) All I need to do is iron on the Togepi markings onto the shirt and get either white tights or long white socks to cover my legs. My mum and I looked around where I work for those but they didn't have any long socks OR white tights, that just sucks >:| So I'm gonna take a look at Tescos next time my dad goes.

Other things I need to do before expo, other than packing? Oh actually washing what clothes I want to take (*Granted most of that is done anyways*) and of course tidying my room, which was gonna be today's job, but muggy hot weather makes me not want to move much @_@ But I'm looking to do it in a few days just to get the dusting and crap out of the way.

I got talked into doing charity collections in town for the charity shop tomorrow 8| I said I'd only do it if I wasn't stood on my own, so hopefully they'll pair me up with someone so like one of us can hold the bucket and the other give out stickers.
The manageress also mentioned she was gonna try and get something like a Spongebob costume for herself to wear, to attract kids to put money in the bucket, so I was stupid and went "I can go as a Pichu!" so yeaaaah I spent some of last night trying to fix my Gizamimi Pichu ears, I'm hoping cellotape will stop them from flopping forward at least.
To be honest, I'm more worried about the costume attracting bees and wasps then chavs and general riff-raff.
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