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Pokémon FUN DUB!


I got a Microphone today just because I wanted to do some funny dub things XD The link above contains a video I did, it was a video clip I got of just Pokémon and I dubbed in what they say...in english instead of Pokétalk XD Hehehehe! Doing 4 different voices is hard, although Mudkip turned out to be the best, sounds like I was on helium XD But the voice fits!
Worst was my crappy attempt at sound effects in the middle of the video XD

Might do another one from the same episode where treecko and Corphish are argueing and Pikachu and Mudkip are trying to break them up XD Need to think up a voice for Torchic too for that one...

Anyway I also got a firewire card for my iPod cos it really doesn't look like I'll be getting the lead soon >_< And I went and got a New TV Card cos the other one I had was so buggy... but now this new one seems to be buggy...it's the same type as my first one only this one is compatable with XP
After all that I've vowed not to buy anything major for the next few months... I've spent quite a lot this week...if you include my iPod too O_o;;

Anyway I need to go get a drink...
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