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Brought to you by the time of 6am (With no sleep)

[@PDUTogepi] ...I got "Radio Ga Ga" for Yubel for that meme... and the first thing that popped into my head for Yubel's reaction for some reason was "I prefer Lady Gaga"... and now the amusing image of her listening to Lady Gaga is stuck in my head :x
[@PDUTogepi] Then I looked up a video of her performing... and she had white and purple hair in the video
[@PDUTogepi] That doesn't help!!!
[@Linka] ...
[@Linka] pffft
[+Tumbleweed] Isn't there also some sort of joke about Lady Gaga being a man? Or at least a herm?
[@PDUTogepi] Yeah, there is XD
[@PDUTogepi] ...oh god Lady Gaga is Yubel! I KNOW HER SECRET NOW
[@Linka] pfthahah
[@PDUTogepi] And some of these lyrics "I'll follow you until you love me"
[+Tumbleweed] I'm just saying, I can kinda see how Yubel would relate to Gaga.
[+Ark] ...
[+Ark] oh god, I love this game, if only
[+Ark] for stuff like this
[+Ark] XD
[+YRoT] so would you say Yubel's feelings for Judai would be


Now that i've burned that image onto all of you, time to sleep and regain some kind of sanity!
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