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OMG! Hedgehog!

We almost ran over a hedgehog on the way home, then I begged my dad to stop the car so I could move it out of the middle of the road, but while we were arguing over that it moved onto the grass verge anyway.... but damn my dad, I don't care that I could of gotten run over myself moving it, I wasn't going to let an animal stand there and get run over ;_; It would have been easy to move it since hedgehogs just curl up into a ball if you pick them up, they don't struggle and I'm sure they very rarely bite as the needles on them are their protection and they really don't hurt, I don't believe, they're just prickly. But I'm glad it moved, I just hope it doesn't try and cross the road again ;_; If my dad wasn't there I might have taken it to the small collection of trees by that is nearby, would be much safter in there and plenty of snails and what not for it to eat *nods*
Too many Hedgehogs die where I live, poor little things ;_; Birds too...
...that's why I don't want to drive...I don't want to run over any animals...

Also from the 18th of August I offically get moved to the checkouts at Sainsbury's :p Fair enough, that means I don't have to worry about that damn wine aisle ever again! Whahahaha!
Although too bad for my friend Sarah, she apparently has an interview for a full time job on the wine aisle and she only wanted the job to work with me ^^; Ah well we'll still be working in the same place if she gets that job so I'll still see her quite often I'm sure ^^
The sooner I'm off that aisle the better I think.
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