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Well I caved and got myself a Twitter. For some reason, I've been getting the urge to get one for a short while and I don't know whyyyy XD I guess it gives me something to update with stupid things when I'm bored.
So hey, if anyone here has one, feel free to follow me and I'll follow you back?? XD


Also I'm very surprised this site works with my phone! My phone is so old, I thought you'd need one of those new-fangled ones with a touch screen and net access ect. but surprise, it works perfectly! I had to put my phone on charge, just to get my number, haha :D; Maybe this will make me use my phone more... :o
But I guess this means I can do short updates from London when I go to the Expo :D

In other news, I made some sort of a start on cleaning my room, mostly just cleaning some of the crap off the floor and throwing out what needed to be thrown out. I'm gonna do the rest on Saturday. Then I need to keep it clean :D; Did some washing today too! Yay, I wasn't lazy!

Only three more days to work!! :D
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