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So today's my birthday and I've had a really really awesome day :D This morning I went to Sheffield with Tony and met our friends Dawn, Kelly, Chris and Sam, we mostly just went to shops and walked around and such! The only thing I really bought was an awesome Doctor Who figure I found! They had a selection of "chibi" sort of figures of a number of DW monsters, like Cybermen, Ood and such... but riiiight at the back, I found a Weeping Angel, I knew I just had to get it! (Only £2.99 too!) It even has a different expression at the back of it's head (That's hidden under the hair which you can remove) so you can change it's expression XD
Noooo! Shaymin!

The Shaymin figure is a present from Dawn :) It's so cute! ^^

After we came home. I went out with Helen to have something to eat, then I stayed at her house for a while. We watched the Blood: The Last Vampire movie (The live action version, already seen the anime version some years ago now) Which was pretty interesting, I'm not huge on movies like that myself but I thought it was good ^^

I'm going into town early tomorrow with Tony to look around for some cosplay stuffs before I head off to the charity shop :)
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