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So as from today, it's only a week until my birthday. I didn't realize it was so close until last week. I'm not sure what I'm doing for it, maybe something, maybe nothing. Tony suggested changing his meet from the 10th (Which I can't attend due to work) to the 3rd, but dunno if that worked out or not since there seems to be some other stuff going on near that date too XD
I really need to make sure to get birthday cards for a couple of friends of mine who have birthdays this month too and I really should e-mail Helen at some point, see if she wants to do anything and ask her if she still needs either of the games she said I could get her for her birthday if she didn't get them before (I'll have to ask her what they were again too)

I'm glad that I have near enough two weeks off at the end of this month, I feel like I need it. I've been feeling so "off track" recently. Just... not getting round to things and not even having the drive to take part in things as much. I've been a little lazy with DA-R2 stuffs, I've not been going into the collector's chat as much, I've not even bought anything for my collection in the last month, though I guess there isn't too much urgency with my collection stuff right now and I'll hopefully will be getting some random stuff from the Expo anyway.
I'm sorta glad I saved my money a bit this last month though, considering this next month is gonna be kinda expensive. I have a dentist appointment, I need my hair cutting and I'm due an eye test and I know for a fact I'll need new glasses which is gonna be way expensive :S Plus the Expo too.
So yeah, I think I just need the break to get back into the swing of things and actually get things done, like cleaning my room which I've been meaning to do for the past couple of months. I think work being all over the place with my hours since Christmas hadn't really helped my mood, luckily that's calmed down now and they're messing me around a lot less.

Not sure if I'll have any real new outfit for the Expo. I kinda wanted to do something Togepi/Togetic/Togekiss-ish... like wear a top with the markings and just wear a white skirt and get some white shoes... though finding the type of skirt I want is kinda tough XD I looked around the charity shops last week but couldn't find exactly what I wanted. I just want a sort of long "flow-y" sort of skirt. Oh well, guess I can only keep checking! I'm not wanting to spend a LOT on a skirt because I wouldn't be wearing it outside of a costume, I'm not a skirt wearing type person when it comes to everyday wear.
I do have some white shoes but I'm not sure if they'll even fit me anymore and they're covered in dust, they need a really good clean :S Maybe I should just dump them in a bucket of water and hope for the best!

Talking of dressing up, I was told we could wear something blue for work today, because Avatar is being released on DVD. I have a light blue summery sort of top and I'm gonna be wearing a white top underneath it... those colours instantly make me think "Smurf" 8D;

Soul Silver wise. Still haven't made any real attempt to catch the legendaries in the game, working on my Pokédex though and I'm training each Pokémon up to level 50 exactly (Or a bit more if they evolve beyond that) so, y'know, I feel like I've spent time training each one up.
Though training in Soul Silver is kind of a nightmare at times. I want my VS Seeker damnit >:| Rawr.

Oh well, best get ready for work.
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