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You really can't expect a manager to do anything.

On Tuesday one of my supervisors had phoned up and left a message asking if I could have this Friday (Today) off and work early on Saturday instead. Since I hate working Friday's I jumped at the chance and phoned back, the phone rang and rang and rang until eventually a manager answered it and so I left the message with him that I could change the shift, he said he'd inform the checkouts of it.
Only just now I had another supervisor phoning up ASKING WHERE I WAS, apparently they had been told nothing.

*facepalming forever*

Now I feel bad because I didn't go in when they expected me. I knew this was gonna happen. You see, this is one of the reasons, other than my anxiety around phones, why I rarely ever call back when they leave messages >>; Always creates chaos somehow.

Urgh. Irritating. Least they said it was okay, but still.

On a better note, I actually feel like doing some drawing :) I was reading information about the 13th Pokémon movie and I'm just loving the fact that Zoroark is female and the mother to the little Zorua in the movie, I just melt at family stuff like that, so cute <3 So I've been wanting to draw them together :D
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