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I defeated the Elite Four last night! I didn't have much problem with the four of them, but damn Lance and his Dragonites RAWR! Luckily I managed to just beat him XD

Now I'm exploring Kanto and already have three badges from that region (Surge's, Sabrina's and Misty's)

Also I saw the new OP/ED for Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's and I think this season's gonna get a whole lot better.

So hopefully, with the OP/ED being as badass as it is, this means it'll be more plot than filler this time, so pleased if it is.

But the thing that's got me most excited?
During the pan up, I noticed everyone's marks were placed over them, except Ruka's mark... which was specifically placed between her and Rua. And what with the missing "5th" dragon appearing in both the OP and ED, I get the feeling we might get a reveal that Rua shares signer power with his sister, making them one signer. It makes a lot of sense to me and it's a good way for them to get six signer dragons instead of five XD If this DOES happen, I wonder if it'll happen in a re-match with Luciano maybe.

Haaa, guess we'll wait and see what happens. Either way, no matter what they do, I'm glad the missing "5th" dragon hasn't been forgotten.

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