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Catching up on my Anime Ramblings...

*Writes even though her right shoulder is aching quite bad right now*

So Pokémon AG episode 85 was Ash's match with Winona, and I could really feel how intense this match was, damn Ash and Winona were both so fired up *_* Then enter a whole lot of screaming and shouting from them and Brock as the battle goes on, twas an awesome match I must say. Oh and just so you know, Grovyle is totally BAD ASS XD Pikachu tied with Winonas Pelipper and her Shiny Swellow just laid the smack down on Grovyle and gave Ash's Swellow a good beating but Ash won and all was happy.

As for Team Rocket....they show us more insane visions of their strange little fantasy world....

...hell, if they had sainty they'd just be boring. *Adores the second shot* The dancing Rocket Grunts in the background just ROCK!


Okay now FMA episode 40...
This episode was like the best ever....or at least one of the top best episodes in the series. The fight scenes between Kimbelee and Al aswell as Ed and Scar were awesome, you learn everything about Scar's past with his brother, how he got the scar on his head AND how he got his arm O doom XD Then that Rosa girl who was in the first two episodes walks in with this tiny baby, I read what people on the FMA community translated (*Or tried to translate*) what car said after she appeared and apparently it was along the lines of "The military took her away and when she returned she didn't speak" as she hasn't spoken at all in this episode...then Scar apparently asks Ed if "The military can be forgiven for that too" given Ed's extremly shocked expression me and quite a number of other people came to the conclusion that she was raped, although ya never know, could be a much more intresting explanation behind it, but I think I like the raped storyline better cos seeing a character go through such a real life situation like that grabs my intrest.
As for other things The Fuhrer is Pride, I kinda expected it. I knew in the manga he's Wrath but in the anime that place was taken by a little kid with long hair XD YAY! So yeah i expected the Fuhrer to end up being Pride instead and I'm glad he did, I read the part of the manga online when he was reveled to be Wrath and he has that Homunculus tattoo thingy on his EYE! Best place to have it EVER! XD Unfortunatly Martel overhears him telling Kimbelee to kill Ed so stupidly she confronts him about it, sees his eye, she runs off the Al and hides inside him but then the Fuhrer appears and stabs Martel with his sword while she's still in Al ;_; Poor Al is so devstated, there he is keeling over, making strange gagging sounds while blood is oozing out from him.
Now when this happened in the manga Martel's blood splashing on his blood seal made Al remember the truth and apparently afterwards he can do circeless Alchemy like Ed... I hope they do that in the anime, guess if it does happen it'll be shown next week.
After all that one of the other questions that is swimming in my mind is....
....why in the hell am I reminded of Lopmon everytime I see Rosa... she reminded me of Lopmon when I saw the first two episodes, I think it's her hair colour (*Tis chocolate brown with the front bit being pink*) So yes I'm convinced Rosa looks like a human version of Lopmon *nods*
Oh and never download an FMA sub from a group named "Fork" I don't even know that much Japanese and I could tell the subbing was quite bad O_O;

See! She's a human Lopmon! I swear she is!

Rosa and ze baby

Ed looks so adorable when he's shocked beyond belief.

Again Ed= Adorable, he makes the cutest angst like faces XD

The Fuhrer/Pride's Homunculus symbol thingy on his eye

Line up to hug Al cos right now he needs lotsa hugs, seriously....poor guy ;_;


Yu-Gi-Oh! Episode 213 was quite intresting too. Theif Bakura has returned in all his awesome evil and skirt wearing Glory, he also seems to act all "Buddy, buddy" with Zork/Dark Priest Akuadin which makes me laugh seriously, especially this scene:

I can just picture Theif Bakura saying "Zork is my bestest best friend so don't mess wit him!"
Anyhoo, Zork/Akuadin/whoever approaches poor priest seto who's brain seems to have vacated his head and now seems a bit torn between Dark priest daddy dear and the other priests, but then Zork/Akuadin opens up some strange portal thingy and pushes Seto into it... yes he kidnaps him XD Atemu tries to follow but Diabound stops him, poor Atemu has to stay and Play with Bakura for a while :p

What I quite like about this episode is how Yami bakura and Yami Yugi seem to be watching the memory events on the game table and it looks like some flat screen TV...A TV in a table.... I want one XD

Then bakura seperates Atemu and the priests ect. and has fun with them by setting various monsters on them....fair enough. Then Karim goes and sacrifices himself so that Priest Shaadi's life guage on his wrist thing is at full power.... his death scene made me cry ;_;

Oh and Kaiba meets Kisara in an alleyway...dude that scene was cute and before that he has two kids run through his crotch....his expression afterwards is priceless XD

I wonder what that feels like? XD

Best summed up with...."WTF!?"

Dude the music that plays when Kaiba meets Kisara is so sweet X3 Kaiba reconizes her from his vision some episodes back :p

Anyway after Karim dies Atemu gets severly pissed and heads off on his own leaving everyone else behind.

Meanwhile Yugi and Co make their way through the tomb where the Millennium Puzzle will be found by Yugi's grandfather many many years later, good thing he told Yugi the story of that since they can get through the place safely. Then when they reach the end Joey acctidently pushes a switch and it opens a secret door.

On another note, Joey's design looked slightly different in this episode, not as much detail to his hair I don't think, he looks cuter that way X3

And that's the end of Togepi's anime ramblings. For the post on the Yugioh LJ Community I may just tidy up this review do a short one then post the screenshots like normal, I'm not in the mood for long reviews and whether I'll have the time over the summer do do any long reviews there I'm not sure... work is giving me a heck of a lot of overtime since people are on holiday and such.... lucky them.

Oh I forgot to do one for Naruto episode 91...Tsunade angst a lot in it over her brother and lover...
...can I be scared that her lover looks a little like a combination of that kid from the most recent Pokémon movie (*Tooi*) and Bakura with flat hair? Then again Tooi looks like Bakura anyway :p
And from the back his hair remindes me of Pegasus
Her brother is a cute little naruto copy :p

Okay now I must stop typing, arm....hurting... gah....
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