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Adventures with the Pokéwalker

So I used my Pokéwalker for the first time today! :D I took Angel for a walk and I clocked up about 7512 steps!
Though walking home was a bit of an adventure.
Originally I was tempted to call my mum for a lift home, because the weather had been pretty rainy this afternoon, but alas, the lady in charge of the charity shop today was fretting like usual over stuff. We had a guy come in, during the last half an hour, for some records, so she was on the phone to the manageress discussing a price for these records until we closed :| My phone was dead so that was a no go.

But the weather didn't seem too bad, so I decided to risk walking, though as I walked home I noticed these huge black clouds rolling in behind me and of course, I had to have trouble crossing the awkward roads and then JUST as I got to the train crossing, the gates went down >< By this time the clouds were pretty much right on top, so I decided there was no way I was gonna make it home and not get caught in this, I needed a place to shelter until it passed.
First thought was the train station's ticket office, but it was closed :< As I ran back, the gates opened again, so I ran through and just as I did, hail started to rain down from the sky, so I had to settle for sheltering under the bus stop.
And did it not half throw it down with rain and hail with strong winds. I was sheltering under there with... two chavs and a middle-aged man dressed all smartly who was whining like a five-year-old as he wondered where his bus was. He also didn't want to talk or even acknowledge me or the chavs... he didn't seem that comfortable that we were there to be honest :S

Anyway eventually the weather died down, so I made a break from the whining man and started walking again, getting my umbrella out from my bag. It wasn't until I passed the college did the sky decide it was gonna THUNDER gwah!! Luckily it was just that once and I made it home just a little damp.
Then I took my shoes off once inside and eventually noticed the sock on my left foot was blood-stained. Seems like in my frantic scramble for shelter, one of my toenails cut into the side of one of my toes, oopps.

Anyway, at home I played around with the Pokéradar and Dowsing apps on it, I caught a Kangaskhan and a male Nidoran! Plus I found a Revive, a burn heal and an ice heal!

So that was my first day with the Pokéwalker! XD Angel seemed to like our adventurous walk.

Now I'm mostly just training for the 3rd gym and exploring the National Park ect. Gonna try and find myself a Vulpix on Route 36 too!! :D

Oh and a funny thing that happened. While I was on Route 36, I talked to Angel and it kept saying she was interested in a tree. So I walked over to the tree she seemed interested in and used Headbutt.
LV 5 Exeggcute falls out.
I love my Togepi.
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