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SS Update!!

My Togepi found a shiny leaf while I was training her on the route just before Azelea Town :D


Anyway game update!!
After getting to Violet City, I tried my luck with the gym leader and got my ass kicked, so I went Pokémon hunting and found two of the Pokémon I intended to have on my team anyway, A Wooper and a Mareep, after training the Mareep, I swept Falkner's gym easily 8D Afterwards I picked up the Togepi egg and ran around with it until it hatched. I did loads of training on the way to Azelea~
Got to Azelea, kicked Team Rocket outta town and challenged the gym.
I once again failed miserably first try XD BUGSY'S SCYTHER IS ON STEROIDS I SWEAR!
After MORE training (Which is when Togepi found the shiny leaf!) I challenged the gym again and finally defeated Bugsy.
Made my way through the forest, taught Wooper headbutt on the way and now I'm at Goldenrod... well mostly training on the route before Goldenrod!

Photobucket Basil: LV 17
Photobucket Olivia: LV 17
Photobucket Rio: LV 17
Photobucket Matilda: LV 18
Photobucket Angel: LV 17

Yeah Toffee has been boxed now, currently just working with these five. Olivia will most likely be boxed when I finally get Togekiss.
Planning to have Vulpix as my fire type, but won't be getting that for a little while yet XD Not sure what my final sixth space will be for yet.

I haven't tried the Pokéwalker yet, but will do on Tuesday :D

Also Joey needs to stop calling me about his goddamn Rattata.
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