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Urgh, what should of been an easy, short shift at work turned into the shift from hell.
I ended up having to spend the entire shift on the basket till :| Yes, it's back. We had it back last year but it was only ever opened when the self checkouts were too busy, but no, now we're back to having to have it open ALL the time ¬¬
So it was four hours of me feeling almost constantly panicked, having to deal with customers who were mostly just in a rush or just in obvious bad moods and just didn't want to know and of course the customers that tried to go on it with trolleys, who roll their eyes or put up an argument with me and just URGH, worst till EVER.
And one guy tried to get me into a conversation about something to do with the government and carrier bags and whether we can say yes or no to them???? I have no idea what the hell he was rambling on about.

Though when I got home, I had a parcel full of plushies to open which made me happy <3 (Despite dad complaining about it when he picked me up from work ¬¬;)

The Pachirisu was a nice surprise, it wasn't in the listing of the original auction, so I guess the Y!J seller just threw it in there XD That was nice of them <3 Buneary is in awesome condition as is pretty much everything else. Smaller Skitty had a few marks, but they seem to have mostly come off with a bit of wiping. Bigger Skitty is missing something (Possibly a ball) but it's no biggie, it just looks like she's waving now! The Turtwig is a wind-up toy but I think the wind-up mechanism is jammed, I can't seem to turn it.

I'm really hoping I get SoulSilver on Saturday :<; They haven't sent it off yet, but I assume they will do tomorrow, especially since it's in dispatching soon mode now. Here's hoping first class post doesn't fail me ;A;
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