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Well, I was gonna get SoulSilver from work on Friday, but after looking on amazon, I decided to just pre-order it from there. I really don't know what the retail price for it will be at work and amazon were selling it for £30-ish, so I thought "Why not!" and pre-ordered it XD
Kinda hoping I'll get it on the actual day of release, but I may of been a little late jumping on the pre-order wagon... though hopefully the latest I'll get it is Saturday :3!
Either way, I'm looking forward to playing it so much X3 I'm also gonna try, with this game, to actually COMPLETE THE POKÉDEX. I've printed off a list of Pokémon and they will be crossed off as and when I get them.

Went to Meadowhall with Tony yesterday and met up with a bunch of others for one of Tony's meets :D We kinda got told off by the manager of the smaller Waterstone's because everyone got too loud when we were watching/playing the snakes and ladders game that's in the children's section right at the back of the store :x But it was a very intense game of snakes and ladders!!
We also had some problems with a bunch of very obnoxious girls in the Oasis. We were just minding our own business and a few of the others were just doing some harmless silly dancing and they decide to hurl verbal abuse at us for it...
...then they started throwing things, a can and then... money.
Yeeeaaah, they hated us so much they were giving us free money!!
The stupidity of some people is just... astounding really.

In the end we got security and they hauled their asses out of there so yay us!
It's the first time we've ever had a problem like that on these meets though and it was a bit of a killer of the evening, but still, it was a fun day!
I got to try pizza flavoured pocky... and it really tasted like pizza. Dear god best flavour ever, if I ever find that anywhere, I'm buying tons of it ;w;

Anyway I should probably sleep soon, I've been feeling pretty tired lately z.z
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