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So my mum was dropping me off at work earlier and had stopped at a crossing outside the store to let some people cross, when seconds later BAM, some idiot in a white van who was obviously not paying attention, rammed into the back of us X_X Luckily both me and my mum are fine, though it took a few minutes for my mum to gather herself and actually get out of the car. Once we stopped rolling forward I was pretty much straight out looking for whoever hit us XD
The damage to the car didn't look too bad to me, I guess it could of been worse, but the back bumper was all cracked and my mum's been told that it's about £1000 worth of damage @_@
What a way to start a work shift, huh?

Luckily work itself was okay today and went faster than expected. Though the supervisor I really like working with wasn't in today.

I managed to wash the Togepi pillow and it actually cleaned up really well!
Except for the pet hair :S I swear the previous owner must of used it as a freakin' pillow for their cats or something. My mum gave me a small lint roller though, so I'll see how that does in cleaning it up. Most of the worst of it I was able to clean up with the hoover. I might be going to see if Wilkinson's have any stuffing for it tomorrow, not sure if they sell it or not, but my mum seems to think they might do.

Does anyone on my f-list happen to have 5D's episode 100 in HQ .MP4 format? No-one has given a direct download link to it on TnKP forums yet and the torrent seems completely dead already @_@
I'm a little behind with 5D's, I haven't even watched episode 99 yet XD
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