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Actually uploaded some stuffs on dA and updated my journal there since I hadn't updated since... last May, haha.

Gah, I had a really bad time at work last night. Once again something happened to make me go all panicky and anxious and just blah... I felt like crying but had to feign happiness for two hours until my shift ended.
I never did see a doctor about my anxiety issues, but highly considering it again, just to kinda talk it through if anything. After talking to my dad today, I think I'm suffering from something similar to what he has for most of his life... in the end, I'll probably just have to live with it, as he has, but I really REALLY need to find a new job, one I can cope with better, but currently at a loss as to what, the one I did think of went down the drain pretty quickly (The library).

I think making me realize I'm possibly suffering from a similar thing he is was the only thing that really came from my discussion with my dad, the rest of the time he was just seriously telling me things I already knew as if it would improve how I cope with things.
Dad, of course, pointed out the whole "less compuuuuter" thing that parents always seem to do, granted I could use to stop staying up so late when it's not needed. But then I pointed out that I kinda didn't have much to do away from the computer, he suggested my photography to which I replied that I've taken photos of Worksop like a zillion times and I'm really restricted on other places I can go due to not being able to drive and not being able to go many places on my own. He agreed that's an area he's very restricted in too, I think he wants to go places, but his own nervousness stops him a lot of the time.

Least I feel better now than I was last night and this morning anyway. I think working on the photos I put up onto dA today helped calm me a bit.

Also, avast, stop thinking LJ has trojans :|
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