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YAY, managed to snag a Togekiss keshi on someone's sales post on pkmncollectors (It's a pretty hard to get figure XD) so I'm very happy about that :D

I got the Togepi pillow I won in catbrook's GA and just like they said, it's in pretty bad condition, but hopefully giving it a good clean will give it some new life! Though I THINK what I may have to do, in order to give it the clean it really needs, is to take out the stuffing and then run it through the washer with some vanish for the stains. It should hopefully be okay after that :) I'll probably throw the old stuffing away and try and get new stuffing for it.
I'm gonna get up as early as I can tomorrow to try and wash it before my dad gets up, since he was complaining at me that he's got soooo much to wash >>; (Why he hasn't washed anything in the last two days while the washer hasn't been used at all I DON'T know) and I'd rather do it without him looking over my shoulder, especially since he constantly rolls his eyes at my collection.

Oh well, work time soon, the sooner that's over with, the better. I spent most of my shift yesterday feeling nervous for no real reason -_- And I just feel all over the place at the moment for some reason.
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